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It matters not whether one has any programming training or is a natural with a computer and its processes; one has used .CFG files. .CFG files are typically generic configuration files that store settings and preferences for most programs, and are used by both the Windows and Mac platforms.

When it comes to .CFG files, one has many options to choose from as most Windows and Mac programs create and use them. Normally, a .CFG file is automatically created whenever a change or a setting is modified within a program. The program will also move these files if necessary, and can delete a .CFG or multiple .CFG files if default program settings are restored.


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In some cases, though this is not common, a .CFG file may be a Citrix Server connection file within Citrix Access Client. If this type of .CFG file is created, it stores connection information such as username, password, hostname and IP address. Multiple .CFG profiles may be created if the Citrix Server software connects to more than one server.

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More Info Regarding File Extension Cfg

As these files are used in user applications, server processes, and general operating system settings, it is recommended that a .CFG file is opened only within the program that created it. Usually, a .CFG file is composed in ASCII and line-oriented, similar to a small database. One of these files may be created or edited with an ASCII editor, but most often these files are created or modified due to a user changing preferences within a GUI (Graphical User Interface) program. In these cases, the program creates, modifies or deletes .CFG files as necessary to reflect the changes that have been made by the user within the program.

Older programs, particularly those made for the Windows platform, normally stored configuration settings and run-time parameters in an external .CFG file. When the application is launched, it reads this file and runs it as the program loads. Many applications have progressed to storing their configuration settings within the Registry in Windows and other similar locations. However, many specific user settings, such as read-only access and modification rights, are still stored as .CFG files.

.CFG files normally are a simple plain text file with one line per setting, however, there is no defined set format in which .CFG files must be created or changed. More recent formats include XML (Extensible Markup Language) and YAML. These formats have begun being used because they provide more specific syntaxes and there are resources available to check the accuracy of and validate these syntaxes.

If .CFG files are written in ASCII, they may be opened with any standard plain text editor, such as Notepad. One must be careful, however, and ensure that the .CFG file is not currently being used by a program or by a process. Also, do not make any changes to this file unless one is completely sure that the information that one desires to change is safe to alter and that the new information that is to be entered is valid.

Errors with .CFG files are caused by incorrect file associations or by attempting to open the file with a non-compatible program. Also, if the file has been altered using a plain text editor, the changes made may not be a valid option for the program and have caused a failure in launching the application. Always open or modify a .CFG file with the program that created it.

.CFG files are important to the way a user's system runs, and how one has configured all personal settings and preferences. It is vital that changes not be made to these files outside of the program that created them, unless one has in-depth knowledge of what changes are allowed within the file's parameters. .CFG files are the way to make a PC more personable, and have the preferred options right at one's fingertips.

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